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Get your Mattress Cleaned

A mattress is always an important addition to your home. A clean & healthy mattress will ensure a good sleep. A good sleep will ensure a good day ahead. Thus, to make sure you have a good day every day, you should get your mattress cleaned from professional cleaners at regular intervals. At Dix Hills cleaning, we make sure your mattress is thoroughly cleaned & is free from any sort of bugs or mites which might have found refuge in it earlier.

Problems with your Mattress?

The issues regarding your carpets, rugs, & other upholstery items are entirely different from those associated with your mattress. Your mattress sees most contact with your body. So, it needs special attention to be cleaned, to make sure you stay healthy & enjoy a sound sleep every time you get on it.

Smell and Stains of Sweat

The most common problem recorded with mattress is that they soak all the sweat and dust from your body. The sweat makes its way through the layers of sheets into the mattress.

After some time, this sweat starts leaving different marks on your mattress making it look bad. Moreover, it generates a pungent smell which is unbearable at times.

Site for Disease-causing Organisms

Your mattress becomes host to many disease-causing organisms like bugs, mites, bacteria, and fungus. Apart from these disease-causing organisms, your mattress is home to a great deal of dead skin and allergy-causing pollen's.

A proper cleaning will ensure the removal of all of them, and you, and your loved ones will stay fit and disease free.

Cleaning Procedure

Due to high moisture soaking ability of your mattress, methods which employ the minimum amount of water are used to clean it. In the first step, all the dirt, dead skin, stains, and spots are removed from the mattress. In the second step, different nontoxic chemicals are used to get rid of all the disease causing organisms. In the next step, perfumes are used to give your mattress a pleasant smell so you could feel good when you go on to it the next time. In the last step, a protectant is layered over it to avoid the fusion of debris and other unwanted material next time.

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