Carpet Cleaning

Ensure Cleaner Carpets

Seek our services to make sure you get your carpets cleaned the best possible way. We have professionals working for us who are expert in their work. Carpets are spread on the floor to cushion your feet with their gentle touch. But, constant foot traffic brings a lot of dirt and debris on them. Moreover, the dust is also carried through the air which settles down and becomes a part of your carpet.

This needs to be dealt with . Otherwise, it leads to dullness in colors of the carpets coupled with a loosening of fabric which ultimately leads to its wear and tear.
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Onsite and Offsite Cleaning Services

We are providing both onsite and offsite cleaning services. Our competitive and passionate team prioritize your convenience. If you want your carpets to be cleaned at your place, then we can send our team with all the requisite equipment to make sure you get your valuables cleaned at your place. If you ask for, we offer offsite cleaning services as well. In this case, you team will unplug the carpet spread in your house, bring it to our cleaning facilities and then spread it again at your place.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are two methods most commonly used for the purpose of carpet cleaning:

Hot Water Extraction

In this method, a mixture of water and cleaner is thrust on the carpet in the form of droplets. This is followed by strong vacuum action which takes all the sprayed water droplets back into the cleaner.

Steam Cleaning

It is another method used for the cleaning of carpets. High-velocity steam is made to fall on the carpet which cleans off all the spots and stains, carries away the dust giving the brightness back, it once used to have.

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