Rug Cleaning

Experience Rug Cleaning with our State of the Art Cleaning Methods

Rugs are different from the ordinary carpet. They are more soft and gentle in their approach. Their fabric is delicate compared to that of the carpets. This is the reason they demand an amiable approach towards their cleaning. These days, Flokati Rugs are a common commodity we all possess. Due to their outward growing, feeble fibers they ask for extra care and precision in their cleaning.

Moreover, they are small in size, have vibrant colors, and their fibers are less compact than the ground carpets. If they are met with the same policy as with the ordinary carpets, then they lose their strength and undergo wear. A little torn in your carpet could extravagate into large holes slowly and gradually if proper care is not exercised.

At Dix Hills, we use a different approach compared to the others, when it comes to carpet cleaning. Our cleaners put extra efforts to make sure your carpets remain in their original form. The cleaners we use for cleaning purpose are organic and nontoxic causing no damage to your carpets.

Due to their gentle touch, everyone likes to sit on them. Their fibers are soft and bouncy which make you feel comfortable. You will always find your rugs occupied with either your children or your pets making their way on to them. Due to being under application constantly, they catch dust spots and stains caused by oil, cola, and other items you dropped on them.

Steps Involved in Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are thoroughly cleaned to ensure the removal of all the dust and other unwanted items. You carpet is an easy target for the microorganism to seek refuge in. due to constant contact, they become host to disease-causing bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms.

Soaking Rug in Water

This is the foremost step in cleaning your rug. A large amount of water is introduced into your carpet which makes it easy for cleaning agents to reach the fabric and pull out all the attached dirt particles.

Using Rug Cleaning Machines

In the next phase, rug cleaning machine is used to clean the carpet all fiber level. The strong effect produced by the machine takes all the dirt and debris away from it leaving behind clear, stain free rugs. After the rug is thoroughly cleaned and dried, it is wrapped in craft paper to keep it safe from contact with dust until it is dispatched back to you.

In the case of onsite cleaning, after cleaning, deoxidizers are used to suck all the stink out your rug giving it a pleasant smell.

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